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  • Want to present your own live show? Alot of freedom to broadcast. There are rules and a 5 week trial. Interested? Contact us
  • Dodgy links: dont bother we know what they are
  • Autostream back up, after streaming company got hacked. Dj readman, sir real, Lord Snooty live presenters weekly
  • Announcement: Chartshow still not being broadcast due to lack of help. Want to hear it, it needs help to run
  • Streaming issues at the moment. Autostream is offline as well. Will not be long til its back online
  • Got a Christmas song, no matter how strange. Swnd mp3 to
  • Tonight live presenters 8pn Dj Readmans Variety Show and at 10pm Sir Real Mouth of God Show
  • The stations chart show has been on a break due to no background staff to sort our pags you see. Back in the new year