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  • @Schwarzblut is GREAT!!!
  • Working on fixing GothRadio stream server but ran into hardware & software issues. Hang in there.
  • Server is DOWN for a few days. Will Tweet to say when it’s back up.
  • Check our Facebook page [ ] for review of new Clan of Xymox CD “Darkest Hour”
  • New songs on station: Komor Kommando – Rhythm Machine, Krystal System – Nuclear Winter, Malakwa – Monster, Razorfade – Chemical Distraction.
  • Added 3 songs by WEEP, cool band – don’t know ’em? Go to Projekt Records website. Or, click CD image at when they play.
  • Cool new song – Man On A Wire, by new artist Ghost & Writer now on playlist. Plus added some Babyland, BackandtotheLeft n Battery Cage.
  • Added 11 songs to playlist. A mixture of tracks from: Clan of Xymox, And One, Grendel and XP8.

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