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  • I have to wonder, if poo flinging and mud slinging, slander and flat out trash talk have historically been part of… https://t.co/M44vICnkVi
  • RT @carolynporco: Amidst a forest of giant Sequoia trees in the southern Sierra Nevada stands the most massive non-clonal tree on Earth. It…
  • RT @NASAGoddard: The Earth viewed from 100,000 feet, taken in-flight during the October 2017 flight of the Primordial Inflation Polarizatio…
  • RT @NASAGoddard: Goddard is celebrating #EarthDay with NASA’s #PictureEarth campaign. We asked our employees for photos that captured the b…
  • RT @MrsSOsbourne: It’s Earth Day! Now what R U going 2 do about it? Check out this cool, radical & life-saving video! It’s to benefit kids,…
  • I am done with the whole part of the world who can’t come to terms with the body of human knowledge being assembled… https://t.co/6uP2YJZKLA

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