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Description: Female who loves music 🎡, bats πŸ¦‡ and hockey ⚑️….that’s me. Believe your voice can mean something. #MusicNerd #VinylRecords #BatsRule #TBLightning #Hockey

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  • Hello @BestBuy, you just lost a 20 year loyal customer because of rude telephone customer service and your substandard rewards program.
  • Super excited that @KANGAkult is coming to Tampa next year! https://t.co/P79mJIO9AO
  • 47Β° F this morning in Florida. I’m driving with my windows down, seated heats on and listening to Nine Inch Nails f… https://t.co/5dBi9lnQl0
  • I had a reason but the reason went away.
  • @jasonk848 It was @TheKnutz.
  • My favorite movie was on last night. This ‘Pretty In Pink’ quote says it all. https://t.co/frX4G95skM
  • Hearts and thoughts they fade away…
  • Some advice. If your toe is broken, don’t take your shoe off at lunch to relieve the pressure. It will hurt like th… https://t.co/QgqCG6p3Yz

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