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Description: Retired female DJ after 25 years for Dark Horizons Radio in Tampa, FL. Music conversation encouraged. Life: #MusicNerd #BatLover #TBLightning #HockeyJunkie

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  • Morning ear delights were delivered by The Cure, Cut Copy, Diorama and Drab Majesty.
  • @soren_grey I have already to all the Covenant on my iPod once. I am trying to listening to everything once to get… https://t.co/0PH4B4BfY1
  • Short list today…Cults, The Cure, Curve, Cut Copy, Cut Off Your Hands and Cygnets. It was a ‘C’ day.
  • A little Duke Spirit and Dum Dum Girls to start my morning off.
  • RT @ScentAirRecords: One week before release date! The Evasion On Stake«Noises and Prayers» cd album with all the EBM/Industrial-inspired t…
  • @Djinn13rh You know me…I’m all about diversity in my music.
  • @the_jen Yes it is. I had to reburn my CD because it was so scratched up from constantly listening to it.
  • My bedtime music for this evening. https://t.co/2aKMWyio7C

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