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Description: Loves music 🎵, bats 🦇, socks 🧦, whiskey 🥃 and hockey ⚡. #MusicNerd #VinylRecords #BatsRule #socks #whiskey #TBLightning #Hockey #SeminoleHeights

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  • In the world I left behind. Wipe their eyes and then let go. In the world I left behind. Shed a tear and let love g… https://t.co/YNvdnZTxLk
  • Total meltdown today. Is there anyone I can talk to that will actually listen? Nope.
  • Wasted time working on a tattoo design that is never going to happen. #frustrated
  • When she said ‘please raise the roof higher’ nobody heard…they never noticed a word. – Ride ‘Polar Bear’
  • If you have never felt “not needed anymore”, it is soul crushing.
  • Instead of saying “I don’t have time” try saying “it’s not a priority”, and see how that feels. Painfully, I have r… https://t.co/1eHDUSKOC4
  • Push. Pull. Push. Pull. Welcome to my life.
  • It is not fun getting balsamic vinegar in your eye.

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