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niartevoL CM

Description: Retired female DJ after 25 years for Dark Horizons Radio in Tampa, FL. Music conversation encouraged. Life: #MusicNerd #BatLover #TBLightning #HockeyJunkie

Location: Tampa, FL
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  • Completed As and Bs on the new iPod. Here was the music for today…Cults, The Cure, Curve, Diffuzion, !Distain, La… https://t.co/rr6F7DSmLb
  • Things you don’t think about until you actually do them. https://t.co/lO2y6jEUtU
  • Not much music today…work meetings took over the day. Here is the list: A Place To Bury Strangers, Pilot Speed, S… https://t.co/Vzo1zTnGbi
  • Happy 28th Birthday Violator! https://t.co/NigXu4anfn
  • I know that you need me. Tell me the truth, I know it’s you. Strange it didn’t affect me. – Phantogram ‘The Day You… https://t.co/hLtuR4hNrF
  • Monday’s music that kept me sane…The Cult, Culture Kultür, Curve, Diorama, The Doughboys, The Fratellis ‘In Your… https://t.co/Gv83oKvJnp
  • How great would this be? https://t.co/XQ7lATz8YZ
  • Maybe it’s just be, but I don’t get the smack talk with between fans of opposing teams. #notforme

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