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Description: Loves music 🎵, bats 🦇, socks 🧦, whisky 🥃 and hockey⚡#MusicNerd #VinylRecords #BatsRule #socks #whisky #TBLightning #Hockey #SeminoleHeights

Location: Tampa, FL
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  • In the end all you can hope for is the love you felt to equal the pain you’ve gone through. – Editors ‘Bones’
  • Note to self: stop forgiving so easily because things have not changed. There will always be an excuse why they didn’t do something.
  • Is it possible to feel stupid and numb at the same time? The answer is yes.
  • I deserve this ’cause I chose to take you in. My discretion to wreck my life. I don’t have to atone for all your bu… https://t.co/c2TDA35BZL
  • Have a batty Valentine’s Day! ❤️ https://t.co/5RBKYCvinJ
  • Your senses are never inaccurate — it’s your ideas that can be false.
  • Yay…now I have a nose bleed.
  • I am mocked for wearing all black. I get made fun of for loving hockey because I’m from Florida. I am shamed becaus… https://t.co/JquzLbXDoV

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