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  • RT @ACLU: BREAKING: The FCC just voted to dismantle #netneutrality. This represents a radical departure that risks erosion of the biggest f…
  • RT @EFF: The FCC’s decision to abandon its traditional role in protecting an open and free Internet will go down as one of the biggest mist…
  • RT @Celeste_pewter: 3. Now, here are some actionable steps.

    A. Nix the desire to hate email the FCC. Do people like Pai deserve it? Hell…

  • @jrdsctt Nope, just reflecting out loud on current events.
  • Credibility is fragile – unfairly so.
    Don’t report rumors.
    Verify your sources.
  • RT @HrishiHirway: I visited legends @trent_reznor and Atticus Ross at their studio for this week’s @SongExploder episode.
  • RT @nineinchnails: Trent and Atticus deconstruct ‘The Lovers’ from Add Violence on the latest episode of @songexploder.
  • RT @ninlive: [Instagram] One of the older ticket stubs on the archive. 09/09/1991 Manchester @ International Two. No recording circulates f…

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