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Description: Alternative Electronic Music. Composed with machines. Made by humans

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Statuses: 1597
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  • @edjjoness Glad you found VNV’s music. I hope you’ll get to see a show somewhen. This is the other half of the expe…
  • Just a teaser. There’ll be more about this in…
  • In case you missed it, the London venue on the UK Noire Tour has switched to the Electric Ballroom. The original ve…
  • @EricBlumrich Hey Eric, send the details to and i’ll sort it with the relevant parties. Is this…
  • @parkas4kids @MetropolisRec And then there’s “Automatic”, “Transnational”, “Resonance” and “Of faith, power and glory” to finish you off 😉
  • @oxfordteddy Manchester’s only an hour and a half from either. Time for a short road trip 🙂
  • If you need a good laugh today, there’s this.

    Luckily, i wasn’t drinking tea when i read the one about the “prime…

  • @adrock59 See these times through because they pass. As long as you know that, as long as you can imagine coming th…

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