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Description: Do You Believe In Angels?

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  • Tld on our way to Whitby! Sanctuary tonight!
  • Tld all together in the UK. The last house version 3.0. It’s awesome to be all together again. Great week ahead!!
  • April 10th! 1 week til Ruins is released. And that also means those who contributed to our fundraiser get the album today digitally!!
  • So uploading a vid to YouTube of the Virginia choir recording for TLD’s Still Waters and they suggest I tag it w ‘gospel music.’ Why not?
  • Just about have our set sorted for April! The hardest part is deciding what not to play live. Fun times!
  • RT @peterjgorritz: New pics video by @thelastdance This one’s called KatSong & has some guest vocals by folks you might know.
  • So should we post another new song from Ruins online for free?
  • TLD’s Crowd Fund Campaign is off to an awesome start! Thank you everyone!!! Get the new album RUINS & help TLD!

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