Smashing Pumpkins

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Description: Shiny And Oh So Bright Vol. 1/LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun.

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  • “Never Let Me Down Again” 1 year ago at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. SP has performed a number of covers over th…
  • “It’s your signals
    That hurt me most”
    What’s your favorite lyric from “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)”?
  • “You are a cipher
    A fallacy
    On which I torched an august field”
    ‘Cotillions’, the title track off the new album fro…
  • Dec 2, 2000 at the Metro
    Anything from here on your Spotify “top songs” list? Which SP songs do you wish were on S…
  • “Galaxies full of nobodies/Giving us the farewell runarounds” ‘An Ode to No One’ performed at the Metro Dec 2, 2000
  • “It’s hard to put into words other than it’s the sound of my youth and a few other people’s.” As you may remember,…
  • Did you see “Superchrist” performed live on tour this past summer? Was this your first time hearing it?

    Video cred…

  • RT @katiecolemusic: Ok then. Cats out of the bag. I sure do like cats. Working on some new @SmashingPumpkin . Holy crap! Yes!!! https://t.c…

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