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  • RT @pylonpeople: ₳₳₳ This project would not exist without @HooklandGuide – and so all the sales from the limited edition cassette (past the…
  • RT @pylonpeople: Transmission #1 is now out – heartfelt thanks to Layla of @hawthonn, who also did a atmospheric ritual remix along with @T
  • RT @azrael2393: Herman has been a great friend since the day we met and, simply put, the best tour manager Faderhead and XP8 ever had.


  • @DJstewartwho @EmmaDingle @Electrowerkz @azrael2393 The ole goff days 🖤
  • RT @TempleOvSaturn: ▲ Pylon People ▲

    (Cover art for the forthcoming Pylon People release)
    Follow @pylonpeople for updates.
    #Hookland #Chi

  • RT @pylonpeople: “From Pylon to Pylon, the Black Wires trace the music staff upon which the Hum plays its Cosmic Symphony.”
    – Fourth Tenet…
  • RT @pylonpeople: “… The Pylon People travel together, walking under the power line, beneath the black metal arches of the pylon that to t…
  • RT @pylonpeople: “…to those outside of the cult, those of us who do not hear The Hum they claim leads them, the exoteric form of their de…

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