Description: 2001-2014: goodbye.

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  • RT @pylonpeople: ₳₳₳ From Hookland to Hamburg. https://t.co/lcvh4bYTdK
  • RT @AlexisMincolla: Stoked to be playing this official Coachella after party presented by @LockheedMartin | Free RSVP with proof of tax ret…
  • RT @threeteeth: Due to the concerted efforts of the suppressive neo-globalist cabal – aka us missing a deadline, our new music video will n…
  • RT @hawthonn: Just added the Pylon People cassette to the merch-hole! Had lots of fun recording this Hooklandish industrial techno produced…
  • RT @pylonpeople: ₳₳₳ Last 4 tapes. And more musick coming up soon, as we keep deciphering the secrets of the Hum… https://t.co/tENdqyymrN
  • RT @azrael2393: “There is help & hope in other spells. Wisdom says: be strong! Then canst thou bear more joy. Be not animal; refine thy rap…
  • RT @azrael2393: Who thought I would end up talking about magick, Thelema, and esoteric sciences while analysing a #KPop video?

    Once again…

  • RT @hichaweon: When Marco Visconti @azrael2393 (goth-industrial musician , occultist extraordinaire) listens to Kpop for first time! And #A

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