Kidney Thieves


Description: KT are 100% independent @freedominguez & @brucemsomers, @zach_webb guitar, @fredsablan bass, @eliasmallin drums. Get our new album out NOW!👇🏾

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  • RT @freedominguez: Childhood memory: I used to obsess in the kitchen at 7-8 years old, with a stool at the counter and stove, mixing rando…
  • @ieriyn Will look into it tomorrow to send out. Yes still in stock! Thank u for your order!!
  • RT @sisyphusgal: I have been listening to some of my older music and just came across @kidneythieves zerospace. Such a great album. I’m def…
  • RT @freedominguez: The one thing I’ve learned in my years is that life is a series of events of letting go. Either by choice or by force.
  • Hey it’s this guy’s birthday!! @Fredsablan wish him a good one !! ❤️✨❤️
  • RT @freedominguez: We humans need #smallactsoflove as nourishment. Every person you see is you. Being kind to yourself and others changes…

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