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Description: Are you ready to rise up? Find my magical novel The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls on Amazon and join the Plague Rat Revolution! 🐀🥄🖤

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  • Precious Plague Rats, tonight, I want to share with you ❤️The Heart❤️ from the upcoming #AsylumOracle, and, just th… https://t.co/hpxrif1zrN
  • A million thanks to the brilliant Dani Sumner ghost.mangaka , Inmate W29A, for sending me this artwork, so full of… https://t.co/40oPSDbrTo
  • Guess where I’m going to be tomorrow? Obvs. Learning from @veronicavarlow at the launch of her Love Witch Academy (… https://t.co/mzrZX4LygN
  • There are really no words to fully express my gratitude and appreciation for this gift created and sent to me by Mi… https://t.co/VBggIkl1LA
  • Holy tea trays! Thank you ALL for your gorgeous responses to the announcement of the Asylum Oracle deck!! 🐀 Would y… https://t.co/PcNCpUEN4X
  • My Fellow Inmates! My Precious Plague Rats! Announcing: THE ASYLUM ORACLE!!! 🔮 I could go on and on about this gorg… https://t.co/36GeZ7Al23
  • Good night, sweet Plague Rats, goodnight! 🐀 I’ve been working on something super secret for YOU, and it’s almost do… https://t.co/hP8PgphIRc
  • Going through old journals today, I’ve come upon the notebooks in which many of my older songs were first sketched… https://t.co/gdidkt0pth

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