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Description: Are you ready to rise up? Find my magical novel The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls on Amazon and join the Plague Rat Revolution! 🐀🥄🖤

Location: The Asylum
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  • When I opened this gorgeous handmade gift from New Zealand Plague Rat 🐀 and fellow Inmate Allie, I felt such love a… https://t.co/0h3f1O3bla
  • This beautiful painting by karabelle_w19k made me very teary tonight, I was overwhelmed by the pure soul of her cre… https://t.co/pyU212bK8o
  • YES! You know that posting Plague Rat #asylumart is my best thing ever, and this stunning piece really moved me ton… https://t.co/QxUFYXPakD
  • Look what I found! 🐀 In my hand I hold 1 of the last 4 Laced/Unlaced album sets in the Asylum, from the original 20… https://t.co/j4yOUBChuB
  • What a magical talent is dirigible_maz !!! Dearest Ratty🐀, I am holding you so deeply in my heart today. Thank you… https://t.co/ij7RTkh0LA
  • Just look at this incredible #asylumtattoo on sweet Inmate @InaiaJ! I don’t think I will ever be able to articulate… https://t.co/FlLsxOt1OR
  • I got my Asylum treasure too:)!!! I have no spoon on mine at present because I ran out of them and gave mine to the… https://t.co/i4Q3m0VrDq
  • Just feast your eyes upon this gorgeous Inmate inmate.w27c in her Asylum Treasure! My heart, it was an hono(u)r and… https://t.co/VLjmcKjxSK

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