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  • DIARY OF DREAMS at Autumn Moon Festival 2018

    Just after we reported the exciting news that DIATY OF DREAMS are… https://t.co/br2VZgZ3ck

  • heute wie gehabt: 19:00 Einlass. 20:00 Beginn. Wir freuen uns auf Euch! a.h.
  • Danke für Deine Worte, Andreas.

    “Musikalisch bietet dieses Album natürlich ebenfalls einen Hochgenuss, mit der… https://t.co/cPXsuvEP1O

  • are you ready for part 2 of our hell in Eden Tour 2017?
    first we will bring some darkness to Hannover!
    regards…. https://t.co/AP2tNYqMZ8
  • i would like to inform you, that we are running out of tickets for the Stuttgart show! we can not promise you… https://t.co/Qtx4w7tHqe
  • DIARY OF DREAMS promised to come back to Georgia and now they are returning with a new show! On December 16 2017,… https://t.co/kPetbo5SOW
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