Ashbury Heights

sthgieH yrubhsA

Description: We’re Ashbury Heights, we’re a band. Not just another band though, we have radical qualities.

Location: Sweden
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  • Tonight: Blueberry pancakes and recording a song that pits Lewis against Radcliffe in a Clive Barker-off, classic goth style #wallflowers
  • We’ll leave the darkness of our studio for a short time to play at the Electronic Summer Festival in Gothenburg 19:00 on the 26th. #concert
  • When you’re writing lyrics and are just too well mannered to use expletives despite a seething rage within. #highbrowissues
  • Quoth the Raven: Nevermind. #netflix
  • Rehearsals, album recording, making falafel, playing an antediluvian PC game because god damn it I finish what I start. #dontknowhowtorelax
  • Back on Twitter in a new format 😀 expect hijinks!
  • Ashbury Heights – The Looking Glass Society Teaser: via @YouTube
  • 2 hours of sunlight. #ashbury #ashburyheights #Music

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